September 4-th, 2011 ... A trip with Doegars to Trenta and to "Kekec's homestead"

V Trento 1 V Trento 2
V Trento 3

     We, owners and TT's of Doegar A and B litters, have travelled over Vršič to the Trenta valley where have at Lam's home (from B litter) celebrated the 1-st birthday of Doegar's B litter. Joži of Lam has baked for jubilees a delicious cake which vanished in a few seconds.


August 28-th, 2011 ... First BOB at CAC Trbovlje


     We attended the local dog show CAC Trbovlje 2011 where has Lia accomplished her first BOB at the age less than one year. Many successes and ring performances got her so tired that at the and of the day she couldn't even take a photo anymore.


May 1-st, 2011 ... A trip to Zadar and participation at CACIB

Lia v Zadru Zadrske punce

     We departed with Hrens, Romi and Marko, and with all TT girls to Zadar for a weekend. In Zadar our Lia saw the sea for the first time in her life. We participated at CACIB dog show where has Lia reached her first "Junior Winner". On the way home we took a stop at Plitvice. The whole weekend was so nice that it would be good to repeat it.


October 28-th, 2010 ... Lia nas arrived to our home

Lia doma 1 Lia doma 1

     Lia has arrived to our home and brought with it a brand new life and joy.