The character of Tibetan Terriers

     One of the most attractive characteristics of the breed is the dogs' character. They are friendly and affectionate family dogs. They enjoy the company of the people immensely and are typical dogs to live indoors. No dog deserves separation from the people and TTs are no exception. As the guard dogs, they are extremely watchful, but not aggressive. Their protection is normally limited to the alert alone. They function according to the principle: »I have told you about a stranger, now you handle the situation by yourself.« They are usually shy in their relation to strangers; eventhough there is evidence that a TT approaches a kind stranger with joy. But they like the company and the support of their people on the other side of the leash.

Lia v diru

     Indoors, TTs are usualy calm, but outdoors, on the lawn, they show their immense energy, strength, speed, and playfulness. One of the characteristics of TTs is the making of the so-called "circles of happiness" performed on a big lawn. At such circles, TTs resemble the motorcycle racers at high speed. Looking at the hair waving in the wind is priceless. Although they really love the outdoor activities, they will be completely happy doing nothing indoors at the times of bad weather and only go out to execute their biological needs. In such cases, it is good to play a bit more with them at home, of course, according to the situation and conditions.

     They are extremly commited to their human »herd«. Using their natural inteligence, they understand relationships and rules that apply in the group very quickly. They also find ways how to overcome the rules easiliy. Also, when a puppy rests in the room's corner, the situation in the house is under its watchful supervision. The Rabuzins believe that it is good to talk to the TT a lot. It is funny watching how a puppy develops interesting communication; it is able to get involved into special responds.

Lia v šoli

     TTs are inteligent dogs, they can learn fast. When learning, the only option is positive motivation and persistent repetition of the exercises during a game and rewarding. Determination and consistency - YES, coercion and poignancy - NO. Any sharpness or violence can scare a puppy and cause the set back. Tibetan Terriers are and should remain the true and genuine revels.

     Their intelligence, eagerness to learn, agility and desire to move allow them to be good and succesful at different dogs' sports, such as agility.

     TTs are crazy about slightly bigger kids who can play with a puppy, and they soon become inseparable allies. However, caution may be warranted at very young children who may be inadvertently slightly rough, and it often happens that the dogs then "don't like" such young children. A TT usually indicates it by the retreat, and very rarely with a warning snarl. The Rabuzins have got an extremely positive experience, as our children were growing up in an adult dog's company, and there were never any problems. But there were physical contacts between the children and Pingi in the early years still under the control of the adults and the children were constantly encouraged to be gentle with the dog. Lia v traviThus, they learned caressing very quickly and some uncomfortable pulling hair or something was never a question. At night, the dog often fell asleep in the children's room, between the two beds and protected the twins.

     Due to the size and easily obtained socialization, Tibetan Terrier is undoubtedly the dog that may accompany his people everywhere. Well, yes, opera can be excluded ... Tibetan Terriers (concerning adequate safety measures) endure travelling by car very well.

     The Tibetan Terrier's life expectancy is 15-17 years, considering the original good health condition and a good care.