The description of the breed


     Tibetan Terrier looks like a compact, strong, medium-sized dog with a really hairy coat. The general appearance of the typical TT gives a sense of balance.

     It has a moderately large head with a muzzle of a medium length. Intracranial portion is neither distinctly rounded nor flat. The large and dark eyes are far apart. The ears are V shaped, hairy and set fairly high on the side of the skull. Regardless of the colour of the hair, the nose and the eye rims are always black.

     It has a compact and muscular body, giving a square appearance, which means that the height of the withers is equal to the length of the back. The blade height for males is supposed to be 36-41 cm, females are expected to be slightly lower. The weight of the standard sized dog is supposed to be somewhere between 9.5 and 11 kg. The weight must be in proportion to the size of a dog.

     The tail is set high, very hairy and positioned in the arch over the back.

     One of the more unusual features of the Tibetan Terriers are wide, round, and flat feet which is hard to find in other breeds. They are ideal for climbing in the mountains and in the snow. They act as a kind of natural snowshoes.

     The body of Tibetan Terriers covers a very hairy coat. The undercoat is soft, feels like wool and protects them from the weather influences. Its hair somehow reminiscents of the human hair. It can be flat or wavy, but not curly or silky. All colours and their combinations are permitted except chocolate and liver. While living in apartment TT’s don’t lose much hair from their coat.

     The hair on the crown is long and falls forward, over the eyes. Long and strong eyelashes protect the eye and assure an excellent vision of the Tibetan Terrier.